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With deep notes and an intensity that revives the senses, each cup promises a powerful and enveloping experience. Whether you prefer the creamy sweetness of a latte or the distinct clarity of a filtered coffee, our range offers a variety of choices to satisfy every preference.

Artisanal Roasting for a Bold and Aromatic Coffee

Each cup of our dark roast coffee is the result of unmatched expertise from our roasters and the superior quality of our beans. The key to a strong, yet harmonious coffee lies in the selection and artisanal roasting process, where we ensure to unveil the intensity of each bean. Our convection roasting techniques enhance the unique aromas of each variety.

Our selection of products is among the best dark roast coffee, surprising with their intense taste, enhanced by aromas of caramel, dark chocolate, and dry-roasted nuts. With low acidity and a good mouthfeel, these coffees are dark in colour and slightly oily, promising an exceptional taste experience.

Browse our selection and discover the secrets of a strong and aromatic coffee that captivates from the first sip. With Café William, dive into a world where the quality of roasting makes all the difference, and let yourself be transported by the intensity and richness of our dark roast coffees.

Selected Beans for an Exceptional Black Coffee

Each bean of our black coffee is selected from coffee farmers committed to sustainable and fair production. Our Sumatra, an organic and fair-trade coffee with a robust character and earthy nuances, perfectly illustrates our quest for excellence and environmental respect.

Our selections include varieties of Arabica, from the fertile lands of Central and South America, ideal for those who prefer their coffee strong, smooth, and with just the right touch of bitterness. We offer a range of perfectly roasted coffees, from whole bean to single-serve K-cup coffee pods for all tastes.

Our passion for roasted coffee translates into an offer of bold beans, ideal for connoisseurs seeking the best dark roast whole bean coffee, not to forget specialty coffees for those who love to explore the world of coffee through unique flavours. By favouring medium-dark roast coffee, we ensure a perfect balance between intensity and sweetness, reflecting our commitment to quality and taste diversity.

Whether you're looking for a daily caffeinated experience or a more refined tasting, or even a high-quality decaffeinated coffee, our selection is designed to satisfy the most demanding palates, while supporting responsible global production.

An Organic and Fair Trade Dark Roast Coffee

Choosing our dark roast coffee means more than enjoying an exceptional cup; it's partnering in our deep commitment to sustainability and fairness. At Café William, collaborating with producers who prioritize fair trade is at the heart of our approach. This not only guarantees superior coffee quality but also ensures respect and protection of our environment.

We adopt clean transport methods, such as using electric trucks and sailboats, to minimize our carbon footprint at every stage of the process. This reflects our desire to promote a conscious and environmentally friendly consumption without compromising the quality and intensity of your coffee experience.

A Variety of Dark Roast Coffees for Every Palate

Our passion for intense coffee translates into a variety of origins and grinds. Discover our Barista, ideal for latte and cappuccino lovers. For those seeking a bolder flavour, our Corposo is the ideal choice. It's the most robust in our organic range, distinguished by its powerful notes with a hint of smokiness.

Introducing the newest addition to our sustainable range, our IMPACT coffee is the smoothest of bold coffees. Blending intensity with softness, it's the perfect coffee for automatic espresso machines.

Try our Sumatra Sibolga, an exquisite selection with powerful aromas. This unique and unifying coffee from the island of Sumatra represents the ancestral custom of enjoying coffee in a group.

Visit our complete collection and embark on a taste of adventure where pleasure meets eco-responsibility. With Café William, every cup is a discovery, a moment of pure enjoyment, and an affirmation of shared values.