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Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Pods for Every Taste

Experience the joy of a perfectly tailored cup of coffee with our diverse selection of K-cup coffee pods. Whether you prefer a strongly intense espresso, a smooth and enveloping light roast coffee, or a decaffeinated coffee crafted to retain all the richness of its flavours without the caffeine, our range is designed to satisfy every palate. Each K-cup in our collection guarantees an exceptional taste experience, rich in flavours and aromatic nuances.

Fair Trade and Responsible Coffee

We take pride in offering fair trade roasted coffee. Each Keurig® coffee pod represents our commitment to responsible production and support for coffee producer communities.

Innovative and recyclable, our filter K-cups contain 33% more coffee than traditional capsules, delivering more flavour... more taste! Our capsules are ideal for home or office use, thanks to our economical 96-capsule packs. Our promise: delicious coffee, cup after cup.

Perfect Compatibility with Your Keurig® Coffee Maker

Our coffee pods are specifically designed to fit perfectly in your Keurig® coffee maker, ensuring optimal extraction of flavours for an unmatched taste experience. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, each pod contains a precise amount of finely ground coffee, ensuring consistency in taste and exceptional quality of your beverage with every sip.

Our rigorous selection of beans, combined with a mastered roasting process, captures the essence and complexity of each coffee origin. By choosing our K-cup pods, you are always guaranteed fresh organic and fair trade coffee, releasing a rich and nuanced bouquet of aromas the moment the heated water passes through the pod.

Explore Our Exquisite Selection

Explore our exclusive selection of coffees, including our medium-bodied La Crema coffee, perfect for those seeking taste and refinement in their cup. For those looking to reduce caffeine intake without sacrificing flavour, our decaffeinated coffee offers a perfect alternative. Be transported by the intensity of Sumatra coffee, an invitation to discover rich and deep notes.

For those who favour rich aromas, our Colombian coffee will satisfy with its inviting flavours. As for the barista coffee, with its strength and intensity, it is specially designed to recreate the experience of an artisanal coffee at home. Don't miss our Corposo coffee, an unmatched option for those seeking a robust and full character.

Why Choose Our K-Cup Coffee Capsules?

Choosing Café William's coffee pods means opting for quality, variety, and supporting fair trade. Enjoy freshly ground coffee, packaged in convenient K-cup pods for a perfect caffeinated experience with each use.

Our selection spans coffee varieties from all over the world, each offering a unique story, from the green slopes of Latin America to the distant lands of Asia and Africa. We are committed to working directly with farmers, ensuring not only fair compensation but also adherence to sustainable farming methods that preserve the environment.

By choosing Café William for your daily coffee break, you contribute to a better world by supporting fair trade and opting for environmentally friendly products. Our packaging is designed to minimize the environmental impact, and we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint at every production stage.