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Espresso coffees: Blending Tradition with Passion

At Café William, each espresso is an ode to Italian tradition, enhanced by our deep commitment to responsible sourcing practices. We are proud to offer Canadian coffee lovers organic and fair-trade coffees that delight the taste buds while respecting our planet and those who cultivate our precious coffee beans. Our carefully adjusted roasting process, unveils the depth and complexity of each variety of bean, harmoniously balancing sweetness and bitterness, body and aroma. This finesse in preparation, involving just the right small amount of ground coffee, makes every coffee espresso available in our online coffee shop a pure moment of pleasure to savour, one cup after another.

Signature Espressos from Grand Italia to Casa: Café William’s Finest

From the intense Espresso Casa to the smooth Grand Italia, our selection of espressos offers a range of flavours to satisfy every palate. We invite you to discover your favourite and share our passion for exceptional coffee.

Experience the soul of Italy with our Espresso Grand Italia, its subtle notes of cocoa and caramel offering the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. This coffee, made from finely ground beans and brewed with precision, is a true nod to Italian tradition, ideal for those looking to escape in a cup.

With Espresso Casa, the comfort of a coffee shop at home awaits you. Its rich dark chocolate profile and velvety texture, achieved through the careful selection of coffee beans and the optimal brewing method, make it the perfect companion for your relaxation moments.

For lovers of a more intense coffee, Café Barista is a must try. Its dark roast, reveals an unmatched depth of taste, perfect for those seeking an espresso with robust nuances and a bold character.

Espresso VISION subtly blends fruity notes with chocolatey touches. This mix, both organic and fair trade, symbolizes our commitment to sustainable coffee, combining environmental respect with aromatic richness.

Finally, Espresso Italiano offers the very essence of espresso in its purest form. A balanced blend that will appeal to both connoisseurs and novices, with its velvety roast and golden crema.