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Selected as a Canadian Grand Prix New Product Award Winner by the Retail Council of Canada.

Evolve towards a sustainable coffee without having to compromise. This naturally water- decaffeinated coffee reveals bright flavors.

Learn more about the natural decaffeination process.

100% arabica organic coffee 99.9% decaffeinated


Did you know that we now have Evolve in cold | hot brew. Check it out right here.

Grind type


Nicaragua, Honduras

Flavor Profile

Berries, Aromatic, Juicy

Roast Level

Decaf, Medium

The story behind the bean

How can you enjoy a sustainable coffee without sacrificing taste? The answer is simple – you EVOLVE. The power of natural water decaffeination brings you a coffee that's bright and vibrant, bursting with flavors that defies your typical decaf.

Discover how we source our coffees.