Café William
Café William

New revolutionary initiative:

Our first coffee shipped by sailboat

coming in FEBRUARY 2024


As part of a revolutionary movement towards a more sustainable coffee supply, we are proud to announce that our first cargo sailboat set sail from the port of Santa Marta in Colombia on December 15th, bound for North America. The journey of a lifetime, years in the making.

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Zero-emission shipping

A zero-emission cargo ship, transporting sustainable beans from coffee farmers in South America to coffee lovers in North America, is part of our initiative to reduce the carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. This environmentally friendly shipping aligns with our innovative vision of always acting beyond the cup.

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ANEI puts the well-being of the planet and humans first, at every stage of its coffee production. We knew early on that the social and environmental values ​​of ANEI and those of Café William were a perfect match. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen ANEI cooperative for our very first coffee transported by sailboat.

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