Organic coffee: better for you and for the producers

Organic coffee: better for you and for the producers

The organic certification is more than just a label on a bag. At Café William, we offer a collection of coffees certified organic by the Canada Organic Trade Association, so we can take better care of our planet, the same way we like to take good care of you.

The organic certification means that farmers work as one with nature, encouraging practices that protect biodiversity and help set up sustainable agriculture operations in a balanced ecosystem. Studies regarding GHG show that over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions result from the use of fertilizers and fossil fuel-derived chemical pesticides commonly used in agricultural practices. Organic agriculture practices use no pesticides, chemicals, or herbicides, making production the most critical stage of the supply chain in the coffee industry. This also protects farmers against diseases and weeds without endangering their health. The organic certification enables the production of organic green coffee beans all while taking care of the farmers, their communities, their lands, the water, and the air!© Nicolas BecerraProducts that are certified as organic by the Canada Organic Trade Association must help protect the biodiversity of the lands and must meet the regulated legal standards attesting to their quality and environmental sustainability. Pesticides have a very harmful impact on essential links of the food chain and can jeopardize several marvels of nature as we know it.

Thanks to the hard work of coffee farmers, we can offer a tasty coffee of exceptional quality in harmony with our vision of sustainable coffee culture.

At Café William, we believe that organic coffee is better for you AND the communities in which it is grown. Organic coffee means a better life for the farmers and their families and brings us closer to global sustainable agriculture. Choosing organic products is also a great way to help prevent the degradation of freshwater supplies and agricultural ecosystems around the world.

Choosing organic makes sense… both for you and for the environment!

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