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For Fairtrade Month, Café William offers you the Fairtrade Box. Three Fairtrade filter grounds from various roasts that will introduce you to magnificent origins, in addition to a William mug!

Transport yourself to Guatemala while sipping a distinctive fair trade coffee. The Huehuetenango region, with its microclimate and optimal conditions for coffee growing, offers us a fruity, medium-bodied coffee. Enjoy the best of both worlds: a coffee that delivers a subtle and smooth taste, while remaining complex and intriguing.

Our 100% Colombian Excelso fair trade coffee in medium roast reveals a beautiful array of aromas. Opt for this deliciously mild and sweet coffee from the Tolima region, and appreciate its delicate floral notes and well-balanced cup. A true classic: Colombian coffee in its purest form.

Our Fairtrade Sumatra, sourced from the Gayo Highlands, is roasted to a rich dark color, revealing notes of cocoa and spices. Coffee from this lush island is grown on small farms, where the beans are picked, washed and prepared by hand. Bold and devoid of acidity, this full-bodied coffee is sure to fulfill your need for adventure!

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