Classic cold brew recipes

Classic cold brew recipes

Fancy a refreshing and simple beverage? Try the team’s cold brew favorites this summer!

  • Espresso on ice

A simple espresso… poured over ice!

  • Eastern Townships flavored Affogato

A hot espresso, delicately served on a scoop of vanilla ice cream from Laiterie Coaticook. A simple dessert that will amaze your guests!

  • Iced chocolate latte, local variation

An iced latte with smooth chocolate milk from La Pinte: decadent!

  • Coffee milkshake

Mix ice cream, milk and coffee in a blender. A different version of the classic milkshake!

The Flash Brew

You want some iced coffee now? Here’s a super fast way to use your regular coffee: just brew your filter coffee directly into a glass containing ice. Add a little maple syrup or cream, and bingo! You have your iced coffee!

If you want to take Cold Brew’s analysis further, check out our blog post on the subject.

Jonathan’s choice : Nitro Coffee

Although it is a little more complicated to prepare a Nitro coffee at home, it is undoubtedly original and different. It is in fact a cold coffee infused with nitrogen. It gives a very creamy texture (reminiscent of stout beer) and a touch of sweetness.

Jonathan, a technologist at Café William, likes to prepare Nitro at home with a siphon designed... to make whipped cream! He particularly likes to brew our packs of Cold Brew, then pour it into the siphon and add syrups or aromas. It’s a fairly simple process, but you have to buy the necessary accessories. A siphon and N20 gas capsules (to be inserted with each use) can be purchased online or at specialty food shops.

When Jonathan brings his siphon to the office, we all want to steal a creamy and refreshing glass of nitro coffee. It’s hard to resist!

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