Dominican Republic: small coffee producers with great potential

Dominican Republic: small coffee producers with great potential

White sand and palm trees aren't the only things worth seeing in the Republic; coffee too!

The peculiarity of coffee culture in the Republic is that the inhabitants are very large consumers of local coffee. So much that only about 20% of the harvested coffee is exported! Republicans drink an average of 3kg of coffee per year : that’s even more than the UK.

Republic coffee grows mostly at low altitudes, which can make it difficult to find high-quality coffee. We have given ourselves the challenge of finding you an exemplary coffee that meets your expectations. The team has worked very hard to find you a product that we believe will rightly introduce you to this beautiful country!Several regions produce coffee, but the one we present to you in our Select Harvest collection comes from the Barahona region. The temperature is constant throughout the year, and its Bahoruco mountain range allows harvesting at higher altitudes. Most coffee grows in the shade and is harvested organically in small farms. The resulting coffee has rich flavors and pleasant hints of acidity, making it one of the best in the country!

This new Select Harvest exclusive to Metro is offered to you in a dark roast that will reveal flavors reminiscent of nutmeg and dark chocolate, with a hint of sweetness. These coffees are said to be quite similar to those in Jamaica.MARC'S PRO TIP

  • Use a French press (Bodum style)
  • Use 14g of coffee for each cup of water heated to 97 ° c
  • Brew for 4 minutes.

Find this coffee exclusively at Metro grocery stores for a limited time. A unique product, which will not be available for long!

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