Café William revitalizes its web catalog

Café William revitalizes its web catalog

Café William revitalizes its web catalog

After careful consideration, we have decided to rethink our products catalog on our website. Why this change?

  • To maximize freshness

By having a smaller catalog, we can ensure better coffee turnover. The main goal is to offer you optimal freshness with each order.

  • To focus our efforts on organic, fair trade and responsible agriculture

We want to make more room for our sustainably grown coffees. By focusing our efforts on organic and fair trade, we live up to our values ​​and promote products that represent our vision of sustainable coffee culture.Fairtrade Canada certification also allows us to have a much more sustainable supply chain as we are able to obtain a more stable price and offer farmers the opportunity to work in better conditions. In this way, we build good long-term relationships with them.

  • For, in the end, a superior cup of coffee

All of these changes occur in the first place to try to give you the best cup of coffee. By maximizing freshness and choosing sustainably grown coffees, we believe we are making a difference. By drinking Café William, we hope that you too feel that you are making a difference!

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