The African Coffees: Aromatic and Fruity

The African Coffees: Aromatic and Fruity
The African Coffees: Aromatic and Fruity

African coffees have complex aromatic notes, often fruity and floral. African coffees are so delicious that we decided to dedicate an entire blog post to them! Café William offers you some tasty coffees from this continent to discover.

Africa, Coffee’s Birthplace

Africa is recognized as the birthplace of coffee. Legend has it that the first coffee plants were discovered in Ethiopia. A shepherd would have noticed that his goats had a lot of energy after consuming red cherries on a tree. In fact, they had so much energy that they didn't sleep at all.

After the shepherd shared the good news with the nearest monastery, the abbot concocted a drink with the cherries. The drink made it possible to stay awake during the long hours of evening prayer: coffee had just been discovered! The news quickly reached the cities around, then the countries, to finally travel around the globe. It goes without saying that this “accident” is more than favorable to us today!

Why Are African Coffees So Aromatic?

Africa is a huge continent! There is an array of coffees to discover, and each region has unique characteristics. The coffees harvested in Africa represent a sixth of the world production. At Café William, we offer you the chance to taste coffee from three countries: Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda. These are often floral and fruity coffees, which have a nice acidity.

Ethiopian Coffee

Our Ethiopian coffee comes from the Yirgacheffe region, known as one of the regions producing the best coffee beans on African soil. Ethiopia is also the largest coffee producer in Africa. The moderate shade, the temperate climate and the rich soil allow the coffee trees to develop fine and delicate aromas. Thanks to its medium roast, you will be able to enjoy a deliciously aromatic and fragrant cup, also certified organic and fair trade!

Kenya AA Coffee

Kenyan coffee grows in ideal conditions! The clayey and iron-rich soil, the two rainy seasons and the tropical climate of this country allow the beans to develop their full potential. Our Kenya AA coffee, the highest grade of bean quality in the country, comes to you in a light roast. Aromas of berries and citrus fruits and a hint of acidity are sure to make you fall in love! Savor it without unnecessary extras to taste its unique aromatic profile. Learn more about Kenya's "liquid gold" right here!

Rwanda Coffee

Finally, here is the latest recruit from Café William: the Select Harvest from Rwanda! Harvested at high altitudes in dense and rich soil, our Rwandan beans come from the Rusizi region. This coffee is special: it is “naturally” dried, meaning that the bean is dried while it is still in the cherry. This process makes it possible to obtain more fruity and unique aromas. We have also written a blog article to help you understand the different coffee processing methods. The light roast of our Rwanda coffee boosts flavors of ground cherry, plum and dark chocolate.

We hope this article has made you want to know more about Africa - a beautiful continent - and its amazing coffees. Discovering the different origins of coffee means discovering the world. Enjoy your trip!

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