ANEI: The Colombian cooperative behind Café William's sail-shipped coffee.

ANEI: The Colombian cooperative behind Café William's sail-shipped coffee.

ANEI: The Colombian cooperative behind Café William's sail-shipped coffee.

“Our mission is to sow peace, to weave the future in community and in harmony with nature.”

  • ANEI cooperative

ANEI is a cooperative of organic and fair-trade coffee producers located in Columbia. But in reality, it's much more than that: ANEI puts the well-being of the planet and humans first, at every stage of its coffee production.

We knew early on that the social and environmental values ​​of ANEI and those of Café William were a perfect match. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to include coffee from the ANEI cooperative in our very first coffee transported by sailboat.

Caring For People First

ANEI members pay particular attention to the social development of their community, just like Café William. Education, gender equality, fairness, and food security: all these aspects are of paramount importance for this cooperative. Let’s not forget that taking care of humans is also part of producing sustainable coffee!

The cooperative supports producers through programs and training to improve their cultivation practices and to equip them in developing a more environmentally friendly practice. It also ensures that they are well supported to deal with the unfortunate growing effects of climate change.

At ANEI, we focus on the well-being of the local population and the maintenance of traditions. Thanks to their Fairtrade certification, the members of the ANEI cooperative are guaranteed to have a decent income. The money raised with the sale of their organic and fair trade coffee allows them to continue their production while developing concrete projects for their community. Members can prioritize the real needs of the inhabitants of the region by investing the money in projects that are important to them and that make them grow and prosper.

One of Fairtrade's missions is to support small farmers by enabling them to improve their quality of life and enjoy trade benefits. They are thus better supported in planning for a more sustainable future.

Learn more about the Fairtrade certification here


Producing Coffee In Harmony With Nature

ANEI always works in harmony with the Earth. The cooperative takes into consideration all aspects of the planet in order to develop tools that work with respect to the nature that surrounds them. They are committed to preserving and protecting natural resources daily.

Here is a summary of their commitment, which can be found on their website:

“ANEI coffee works daily to continue fighting for our cultural permanence, for our ‘working with love’ principles without affecting our mother earth; to continue supporting the generational change, so that they may continue to train themselves, also empowering women to guarantee a future full of well-being an joy in the homes.”


Guardian of the earth, ANEI wants to share this important message of caring for what the earth offers us through respect and solidarity and by living in harmony with nature.

The collaboration between Café William and ANEI has only just begun, and the future with them is already looking bright! To stay informed of the arrival of our coffee transported by sailboat, subscribe to our newsletter. To read about our upcoming sustainable initiatives and those already underway, visit our Sustainable Coffee page

Visit ANEI’s instagram page.

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