Café William offers you its first Select Blend!

Café William offers you its first Select Blend!

Café William offers you its first Select Blend!

Our team has created a fun and delicious Select Blend that is reminiscent of the flavors associated with Halloween.

For this special blend, we have chosen to work with two origins in order to offer you a well-balanced product. The first coffee, coming from Peru and more specifically from the region of San Ignacio, has a classic and chocolaty profile. To complement this origin well, we have chosen a natural Ethiopian from the Sidamo region as our second coffee. The natural process of this coffee brings out the fruity side of the region while emphasizing a nice acidity.

Our roaster has chosen to work with a light roast in order to maximize the expression of these two terroirs and thus create a bewitching blend reminding us of our best Halloween parties. You will therefore find aromas of chocolate and cherry, little bitterness as well as a sweet acidity.

Our new Select Blend range aims to showcase all the know-how of our expert roasters. This coffee artisan creates a unique blend with specific aromas that bring out the best of each terroir.Café William offers you this VERY limited edition fall delight exclusively on our website and at our plant store in Sherbrooke.

A thematic coffee of delicate complexity, which will certainly not be the last!

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