Donation of coffee to the Rock-Guertin Foundation

Donation of coffee to the Rock-Guertin Foundation

As we enter the holiday season, the Rock-Guertin Foundation will once again distribute its famous “Paniers de l’Espoir”. These baskets full of food are given to people in need.

The Foundation does colossal work to help those in need. Each year, more than 2,500 families can benefit from the generosity of citizens in order to have enough to eat and meet basic needs.

365 days a year, the organization supports families, children and persons in need in the Sherbrooke region.

“The Foundation has never received any government grants or assistance. It has always been able to count on the generosity of Sherbrooke residents. ”

Café William is very happy to donate coffee to the Rock-Guertin Foundation for a fourth consecutive year. Our coffee will end up in Paniers de l’Espoir along with other products from local businesses, to warm the hearts of families in need in our community.

During this festive period, we invite you to be generous and to make a difference.

Happy Holidays to all!

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