Single origin coffee versus blend

Single origin coffee versus blend

Ah, the world of coffee! A fascinating world where it is sometimes easy to get lost among the various specialized terms. Have you ever noticed that at Café William we have single origin coffees, but also blends? What is the difference between one and the other? What should you choose? Let's try to enlighten you on the subject!

The single origin coffee

There are a host of countries that grow coffee, and each of them offers a unique flavor profile. The coffee bean, depending on the soil in which it grows, the climate, the amount of rain that has fallen, the humidity etc. will exhibit a unique aromatic profile when roasted (level of roasting will also affect flavors, but that is the subject of another article). Coffee from Peru will therefore not taste the same as coffee from Sumatra, for example, because the conditions in which it grows are not the same.When a product contains coffee from only one region, it is called “single origin” coffee. The content of this product is therefore 100% one origin only. Take our Colombian, organic and fair trade, for example. It only contains coffee beans from Colombia!

When working with a single origin, one seeks above all to taste the particular aromas of that region. By tasting and exploring the different origins, we manage to differentiate them and get a better idea of ​​our personal tastes. When the time has come to choose a coffee, the choice is therefore easier. Discovering the origins of coffee means discovering a whole world of flavors and unique profiles!Our delicious Costa Rican coffee is also a single origin coffee. Learn more about this origin below!

Blending different origins

The coffee blend, unlike the single origin, is made up of beans from many different origins.

Creating a blend is art for the roaster: the art of creating a blend where two origins come together to create a unique cup, with specific aromas. There are thousands of possible coffee combinations, and just as many flavors to discover. Our coffee expert works really hard to create a sublime marriage of origins.

So, unlike single-origin coffee, the blend is an mix of carefully selected beans from different regions. Above all, we want to discover another world of flavors, all set up by the roaster, who knows the product better than anyone else.

Want to try a blend? Discover La Crema, our organic, fair trade, medium roast blend of beans from Indonesia and South America. A favorite in the William collection!

So how can you know which one you prefer? Taste, taste ... taste! This is how you will develop your taste buds: by tasting different origins and roasts.

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