Healthy ways to replace sugar in your coffee

Healthy ways to replace sugar in your coffee

Healthy ways to replace sugar in your coffee

Many people are trying to reduce their sugar consumption by finding substitute solutions. However, it can be drafted to find interesting substitutes to put into your daily coffee.

Here are some tips that could guide you in your choices!

Syrups, honey and green molasses

Agave syrup and green molasses (as opposed to fancy black molasses) hold a myriad of vitamins and minerals that are great for your health. Plus, because their glycemic index is higher, you can put less in your cup for a similar taste to a usual dose of sugar. It's a bit the same with honey and maple syrup which, in addition, are very good antioxidants and both contain very good enzymes which will strengthen your immune system.

Sucralose and stevia

It is easier nowadays to find sucralose as well as stevia in supermarkets. Both with a sweetening power 300 to 400 times greater than sugar and an almost zero glycemic index, they are the perfect companions for your morning coffee! Although they are more expensive to buy, you can use a lot less. In the end, the taste will be much the same as sugar, but your health will thank you!


The date has a high sweetness contribution but a very low glycemic index, since it is made up almost entirely of fiber. Now there is even date sugar, which you can use both in your coffee and to sweeten other drinks. 

Milks alternatives

You can get a little sweet taste by substituting cow's milk for almond, coconut, soy or oat milk. While adding a special touch to your cup, these "milks" are ideal if you are lactose intolerant or if you have decided to adopt a vegan diet.

Sugar free ingredients

Nutmeg, cinnamon and pure vanilla extract can be added to coffee to add flavor. For an even more homogeneous result, it is advisable to mix them directly with the ground coffee before brewing. Unsweetened cocoa can also give the same results. Surprising as it may sound, adding two pinches of salt to your ground coffee will dampen the acidity and flush out the natural sugar from the bean, making it feel more sweet.

The best choice is yours!

Whatever choice you make, make sure you make it for you, according to your tastes and values.

Even better: by tasting different origins and different roasting levels, maybe you'll find the perfect coffee for you, so delicious that you won't need to add sugar anymore?

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