What is your flavor profile?

New Sustainable Collection

What is your flavor profile?

Are you unsure about our wide range of coffees? Don't know which one to choose?

We have created 4 flavor profiles to help you make the right choice and find the perfect match. These profiles are identified on the front of the bags! Each of our coffee  is classified according to a profile: light, medium, dark, and espresso. It will therefore be easier for you to make a choice according to your personal tastes, all at a glance!



Don’t we all enjoy a smooth, gentle wake-up? With their floral and fruity aromas, this velvety coffee collection unveils a truly delicate profile. Slowly roasted to obtain the perfect brown color, it allows you to fully enjoy the unique flavors hidden in each of their origins. Brighten your mornings with this slightly acidulous delight!


Looking for the perfect balance? These medium roast coffees will know just how to tempt you! With their comforting aromas of nuts, chocolate and dried fruits, they offer harmony between acidity and bitterness. Discover them in either filter or espresso, and relish their wide range of aromas and textures!


Our bold coffees pack quite a punch! Roasted for a longer period, these coffees will surprise you with their wild and earthy taste, enhanced with aromas of caramel, dark chocolate and dry-roasted nuts. With little acidity and a good mouthfeel, these coffees are dark in colour and slightly oily. Start your day with a kick!


Intended for true connoisseurs, this Espresso selection will deliver the ultimate sensory experience. Born out of a perfect blend of coffees, traditional roasting and careful preparation, each choice gives off exquisite perfumes and reveals a rich and unctuous crema. Add a touch of frothed milk and enjoy a beautiful work of art!

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