Is Café William’s Espresso Barista Too Oily for an Automatic Espresso Machine?

Is Café William’s Espresso Barista Too Oily for an Automatic Espresso Machine?

Espresso Barista is one of our most popular coffees. Therefore, it is the subject of a question that often comes up: can it be used in an automatic espresso machine? We answer it here!

Can I Use the Barista in My Automatic Machine?


The short answer according to automatic machine manufacturers: no! Why? Because usually, the darker a coffee is, the oilier it is, and manufacturers tend to strongly discourage oily coffees in their machine. Espresso Barista is among the darkest coffees in the William coffee range, so it usually has a fair amount of oil on the surface of its beans.The risk with using oily coffees in this type of machine are connected to the integrated grinder. The grounds will tend to stick to the walls of the grinder, which can eventually cause the machine to jam. Since repairing an automatic machine is quite a complex and expensive task, manufacturers do not recommend the use of oily coffees, at least in the long term. We invite you to consult our blog article on the subject to find out which coffees to choose for your automatic machine! In summary, we advise you to stay in our light, medium, or espresso collections.

What if I Want to Continue Using the Barista?

Don't despair, there are solutions to enjoy your Espresso Barista! Here are some options to always enjoy this delicious, full-bodied coffee:

  1. Leave the bag open for a few hours. This will allow the oil to evaporate a little, for a better passage in your grinder. We do not recommend leaving it open for too long, as you will lose some freshness.
  2. Alternate with a drier coffee. The coffees in our espresso range are all designed for your automatic espresso machine. They are a lighter roast, but still pack a good punch! Sometimes alternating with a drier coffee will “clean” the grinder by allowing any coffee that may have stuck to the walls to pass through.

3. Create your own blend. Become a barista for a day by creating your own blend! Mix your Barista with a lighter, drier coffee to make it easier to pass through the grinder. Try the Italiano, for example. Then you can go about it by trial and error in order to find the blend that suits you best.

4. Dare to try the medium roasts. If you're inclined to try a different roast, our range of medium roasted coffees might be a good choice. Not too acidic nor too bitter, they hold a nice balance. They're not too oily for automatic machines, but still offer plenty of body and punch. La Crema is one of our most popular medium roast blends!Keep in mind that it is not forbidden to use the Espresso Barista in your automatic espresso machine. Several factors come into play when the time comes to choose the coffee you will use: the type of machine you have, the freshness of the coffee, the way it is stored, etc. Pay attention to your machine and we're sure you'll find the winning combination!

Learn more about the types of beans you can use in your automatic espresso machine:

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