Maragogype: The Elephant Coffee Bean

Maragogype: The Elephant Coffee Bean

The Maragogype is a rather exceptional variety of coffee. The coffee beans are huge, hence their nickname "elephant bean". If you put a Maragogype bean and a regular bean side by side, the difference is striking: the Maragogype is two to three times bigger!

The Maragogype is therefore far from being an ordinary coffee bean. This variety is a natural mutation of the Typica variety (the "mother" variety of many coffee varieties). Its name comes from the municipality of Maragogype, in Brazil, where it was discovered in 1870.

It is a rather difficult coffee plant to grow, so many producers have decided to stop producing it. The plants are large and take up a lot of space, while producing few cherries, which makes profit more difficult. However, this makes Maragogype rarer and therefore more appreciated when tasted!The majority of Maragogype beans are currently grown in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Our medium-bodied variety comes from Nicaragua, more precisely from the Jinotega region, also known as the region of volcanoes and lakes. Jinotega has rich soil, perfect for growing coffee. The high altitude of our Maragogype also promises a rich tasting beverage that is neither too bitter nor too acidic.

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