Light roast coffees, tastier than you think!

Light roast coffees, tastier than you think!

It is false to think that a light coffee tastes less than a dark coffee. A light roast coffee will present aromas differently: it will not have the bitterness of a dark roast. Our light roasts are designed to be enjoyed as is: no need to add milk or sugar. Appreciate them black, without artifice, to discover a variety of flavors ranging from citrus to floral aromas. Follow the leader! You’re in the right place to learn about light roast coffees.

What’s a Light Roast?

At Café William, the light roast category is the palest of our roasts. For us, “light” means a coffee that has been roasted for less time than a medium or dark roast coffee. This is what we call a brown coffee, or a dry coffee in the jargon. It is also the best ally for your automatic machine!

A light roast coffee will usually be less oily than a dark coffee, as the oils find their way to the surface of the bean only after the second crack during roasting. We advise you to consult our article on the art of roasting to learn everything about roasted beans.

While a bold coffee has a greater bitterness, brown coffee will tend to reveal a hint of acidity. However, don’t let this word stop you: although lighter coffees have beautiful tangy flavors, all coffees remain acidic solutions, whether light or dark.

An Extraordinary Tasting Experience

Did you know that all our new coffee deliveries are first tested in a light roast?

Indeed, the quality control team, during the cupping (a method used to test the quality of a batch of coffee) uses a filter grind of light roast, infused for four minutes. This way, they can taste the product in its most raw form. It is necessary to taste the coffee in a light roast to check its quality. A coffee that is too roasted could hide defects, and since we want to offer you the best possible product, we would not want to take the risk! This is a strict protocol for all roasters’ laboratories to follow, without exception.Cupping

Paving Your Way to the Light Roast

It can sometimes be intimidating to try a new roast. If you are a dark roast lover, you may not want to go light all of a sudden - and that’s perfectly understandable. If, however, you are curious and want to broaden your horizons and discover new flavors, go slow. We do not suggest going from the bold Corposo to the mellow Colombian, of course, but rather to go gradually.

Begin With a Medium Roast…

Why not try a medium roast coffee on your next purchase? Going from dark to medium roast is a nice step before trying the light roast. Medium roast coffees will already introduce you to new flavors. A slightly lighter roast allows you to initiate yourself to a well-balanced, slightly more acidic coffee, with a touch of bitterness.

…Make the Jump to the Light Roasts!

Are you enjoying the experience of a medium roast coffee? You can continue experimenting with different origins and blends in the same taste profile. Then, if you’re ready, dare the light roast! By making a smooth transition, you’ll be less surprised by a lighter roast coffee. We also suggest trying a new coffee in the late morning or afternoon: your senses will be more awake and therefore more inclined to tame new flavors.

It is always ideal to drink freshly ground coffee, as it will be way more flavorful. Be sure to get your coffee in whole beans, if possible, and grind it just before brewing. All your senses will be grateful!

Ready to Make the Big Jump?

Everyone has their preferences in terms of coffee, and that’s completely normal. However, coffee is such a wide and incredible world that it is worth savoring and experiencing what it has to offer. Give light roast coffees a chance and it’s a world of new flavors that will open up to your palate. Try them, and you will love them!

Some recommendations to start the transition:

Team’s favorite - Colombian, organic and fair trade

Julie, Purchasing and Product Development Manager at Café William, recommends our smooth Colombian. A classic that is delicious, without being too surprising. When it's in the coffee machine at the office, it doesn't last long!

Honorable mention - Le Matinal

A blend of two different roasts for a smooth awakening. This blend is smooth while having a nice more lively finish. A good starting point to tame the light roasts.

For the indecisive ones - Fairtrade Box

Your heart swings between our three taste profiles? Try them in our Fairtrade Box: three ground filter coffees from different Fairtrade certified origins. Ideal to compare light, medium, and dark roasts.

Which of our light roast will win your heart? Discover them now!

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