Drink Good Coffee While Camping

Drink Good Coffee While Camping
Drink Good Coffee While Camping

When we are not at home and out of our morning routine, making coffee while camping can seem more complicated. However, there are great and easy solutions for brewing a good cup of coffee outside the house! Depending on how much effort and time you want to put into your coffee ritual, there are several simple options available to you.

What do I need?

We rarely want to make a fuss out of things when we are camping! Whether you want an espresso or a good filter coffee, there are options for making coffee with little equipment. Ditch the electric coffee makers! Basically, you need coffee, hot water, and a small brewing system.

If you are camping, put a kettle on the fire or on a small gas stove to heat your water.

For your coffee, we recommend one of these two options: a manual grinder, for freshly ground coffee, or one of our pre-ground filter or espresso bags, which will make your life much easier!

Here are four infusion systems that will satisfy your desire for a delicious coffee on the go. There are of course other ways to make yourself a coffee with little equipment, but here are our favorites!

1. The Eco-Friendly Solution: The Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

No filter, no fluff: the French press is definitely the most ecological option for making coffee while camping. Simply place coarsely ground coffee in the bottom of the container, add hot water and wait 4 minutes. Opt for a stainless steel coffee maker; in addition to keeping your drink hot longer, stainless steel is also more portable and sturdy than glass.

2. The Great Classic: The Italian Coffee Maker

For a full-bodied coffee that you can brew over the fire, opt for the classic Italian coffee maker. With its beautiful durable design, it will allow you to obtain a rich and tasty coffee. Just make sure you have the right grind! Our pre-ground Espresso Italiano will pair perfectly with your outdoor getaway thanks to its fine grind.

3. For The Adventurer: The Aeropress

Some say this would be the best way to brew coffee while camping. Although a bit more complex, it promises a rich espresso-like coffee. Portable and requiring only a few preparation steps, this small, lightweight gadget is great for hiking or when you want a good coffee on the go. You will be able to pour yourself a good espresso, quickly. You can then turn your drink into an Americano by adding water, or a latte by adding milk.

Want to know more about this method? Watch this step-by-step video about making a perfect brew using Aeropress.

4. Use Our Cold Brew Packs... Differently.

Our packs aren't just made for brewing cold brew. Simply take one from our cold brew box, pour hot water over it, stir to soak it well and let it steep for a few minutes. Another option is to use a kettle and insert a pack into it, letting it steep a little longer. A quick and easy way to get good coffee and use our brewing bags in an unusual way. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the taste. Bonus: the packs are compostable!

What Do I Do With Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds are the ground coffee you have left after your coffee is brewed. Good news, it's compostable! Make sure you dispose of it wisely, by composting it rather than throwing it in the trash.

To be as eco-friendly as possible in your coffee preparation, be sure to also use compostable filters and reusable cups. A coffee that creates less waste is a more sustainable coffee!

Discover our different equipment and accessories for on the go brews!

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