Maple syrup and coffee: two regional treasures that go perfectly together

Maple syrup and coffee: two regional treasures that go perfectly together

Spring announces the arrival of the outings to the sugar shack as well as the warming of the temperature and the heart. What could be better than enjoying the good weather with gourmet pleasures highlighting coffee and maple syrup, two little regional treasures that go together wonderfully!

The terroir here... and there

The production of maple syrup and coffee both have roots in the traditions of their country of origin. These two precious raw products resonate loudly in people's hearts while being an integral part of their economy.

Why not taste the greatest wonders of the land from here and elsewhere, combining the flavors of maple syrup and coffee? Know a better combination? We doubt it!

Here are some ideas from the team to take advantage of these two exceptional products and make yourself a real treat at home!

For the sweet tooth!

In a latte

Have you ever thought about putting a little maple syrup in your cow's, soy or oat milk before frothing it? This hint of sugar will change your latte just enough to make it a little more special!

In a layered coffee

  • Pour a little maple syrup into a glass cup
  • Add frothed milk
  • Gently pour an espresso on the milk
  • Finish with frothed milk on top.

With maple butter

A nice variation to use in place of sugar in your coffee is maple butter. Smooth and delicious, it will take your coffee to another level. Little tip: find a salted maple butter and treat yourself to an even more decadent experience!

In an alcoholic coffee

Fancy a little “kick”? Combine pleasure and good taste by adding Coureur des bois maple whiskey to your coffee. Try it in our maple syrup dumplings recipe!


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