Cold Brew, a trendy drink!

Cold Brew, a trendy drink!

Cold Brew, a trendy drink!

Sun, hot temperature, iced coffee… Words that don't rhyme, but that go really well together! What if we set out to discover this thirst-quenching beverage? Let’s make light on a coffee that is more complex than it looks.

A quick overview of Cold Brew

Gaining more and more popularity in recent years, Cold Brew is now finding its place on your grocery store shelves. It is found in many forms, whether in a can, in a bottle, flavored with french vanilla and caramel, dark chocolate and peppermint, hazelnut with cane sugar... (we hardly exaggerate!) At Café William, we offer you a Cold Brew… in packs! Simple packs containing 100% freshly ground Kenya coffee that you can personalize however you like.

How does it work? Simply steep the packs in water for 8 to 12 hours (overnight, or for a very long nap). Once the packs are infused, simply remove them and compost them. Then add a little water. A carefree… and zero waste cold brew!

Why not just chill a hot brewed coffee?

While it's entirely possible to chill hot coffee with ice and name its creation “Cold Brew”, making cold coffee with balanced flavors can be more complex than that.

This is because hot coffee that cools too slowly can exhibit more bitterness and acidity. It may reveal more (sometimes unpleasant) components, and the acids may turn bitter or oxidize, which cold brewing does not do. A hot coffee cooling over a long period of time, and then placed in the refrigerator will not taste optimal.

However, the Flash Brew process makes it possible to obtain delicious cold coffee with a hot filter coffee as a base. It is about brewing coffee directly and quickly over ice, right out of the coffee maker. The aromas are thus better preserved and the bitterness has less tendency to show up and develop!

A slow cold infusion allows for a light and balanced cup, free from overly intense acidity or bitterness. This is what Café William's Cold Brew offers: pleasant, smooth notes, with a slightly sweet and floral flavor.

Always on the go? Cold Brew’s for you!

Hot coffee turned cold? Ew. Cold coffee that stays cold? Oh yeah! Cold Brew is ideal for you who are always on the go, because you don't need to worry about the temperature of your drink! Whether you're often on the road or an avid camping and hiking enthusiast, Cold Brew is the perfect companion for your on-the-go adventures. Plus, your cold cup of coffee will give you that little boost of energy you need to get on with your busy day.

Cold Brew is a natural energy drink, without sugar and additives, which goes perfectly with all your adventures.

Customize it according to your desires

Because you want a drink that is out of the ordinary, your Cold Brew is completely customizable. You can add milk, a plant-based beverage or just maple syrup.

Catherine, human resources advisor here at Café William, is a big fan of our Cold Brew:

« It’s a classic for me and my boyfriend. We almost always have a pitcher ready! Last summer, when it was allowed, I often offered it to friends who came to the house. I always bring them on weekends at the cottage with family or friends. Everyone loves it! »

She drinks it in three different ways, adding what she has on hand:

  • Plant-based flavoured beverage
  • Oat milk + maple syrup
  • Oat milk + flavoured syrup (french vanilla, caramel, hazelnut)

Jenny, an accounting clerk at Café William, often orders for her sister-in-law Vanesa. She simply enjoys it with a few ice cubes and milk. It’s now her #1 drink for hot summer days!

The Cold Brew is a simple drink, always ready to embellish your days at home or your next adventures!

You can find William’s Cold Brew on our website.

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