How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans

How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans
How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans

A good cup of coffee can transform an ordinary morning into an exceptional moment. This guide will help you understand the differences between beans, roasts, and origins so you can pick the coffee that brightens your day.

Choosing Coffee Based on Brewing Method

For Espresso Machine Enthusiasts

If you use an automatic espresso machine or an Italian moka pot, you’re likely seeking that energy boost that only a good espresso can provide.

What we recommend: our espresso range, our light roasts and medium roasts.

Espresso blends like our VISION coffee or our classic Espresso Italiano are roasted to a medium-light level to fully reveal their richness and complexity. These blends not only produce a dense and attractive crema on your espresso but also unveil robust flavours of dark chocolate, hazelnuts, and even a hint of burnt caramel.

Dark roasts are generally not recommended for automatic espresso machines. They are often coated with oils that can cling to the grinder’s walls and clog your machine.

For more on this topic, visit our article Which Coffee to Use in Your Espresso Machine?

For Fans of Manual Brewing Methods

If you prefer manual brewing methods like pour-over, French press, or CHEMEX, it is advisable to choose beans with a medium to dark roast.

What we recommend: our range of light roast coffees, our medium roasts.

Light roast coffees such as AWAKE or our Colombian highlight a broader spectrum of aromas, from light floral notes to fruity touches, to a subtle grainy aftertaste. The slow and delicate extraction allows every volatile nuance to fully manifest, offering a cup of coffee that is not only aromatic but also rich in stories.

Using freshly ground beans is recommended here, as it ensures that all these wonderful characteristics are preserved and present in your cup.

Choosing Coffee by Taste Profile

Finding the perfect coffee shouldn’t be complicated. At Café William, we have designed specific taste profiles to help you easily pick based on your preferences.

Our light roasts: Ideal for starting the day smoothly or for a relaxing coffee break. These coffees are lightly roasted to highlight floral and fruity notes, while preserving the freshness and delicacy of the coffee’s natural aromas.

Our medium roasts: If you appreciate a balance between sweetness and intensity, our medium roasts are for you. With notes of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit, these coffees offer a rich and balanced taste experience.

Our dark roast coffees: For those looking for coffee with character, our bold options are here to energize your mornings. These beans are roasted longer to bring out deep, earthy flavours, with hints of caramel and dark chocolate.

Our espresso range: Espresso lovers will find their delight with this profile. The coffees are specially blended and roasted to produce a rich, creamy crema and complex aromas.

Choosing Coffee by Origin

The origin of coffee beans plays a significant role in determining their taste, body, and aromatic profile. Climatic differences, soil, altitude, and cultivation methods specific to each region give each coffee its unique characteristics.

Latin America: Coffees from countries like Nicaragua, Colombia, or Costa Rica, typically offer a smooth texture with a well-balanced acidity. These coffees are excellent for those who appreciate a harmonious and moderately fruity cup with notes of hazelnuts and chocolate.

East Africa: Beans from regions like Kenya or Ethiopia, are distinguished by their complex and vibrant aromatic profiles, with floral and red fruit notes. These coffees are perfect for those who love exotic and distinctive flavours.

Asia-Pacific: Coffees from Indonesia or Papua New Guinea, are typically bolder and earthier, with hints of wood and spices. They are particularly suited for those seeking a rich and full-bodied cup.

In the end, the quest for the perfect coffee is a personal adventure that varies according to tastes and occasions. At Café William, we are thrilled to be part of your daily life and continue to offer coffees that awaken the senses and beautify your days.

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