Select Harvest collection by Café William

Select Harvest collection by Café William
Select Harvest collection by Café William

A whole new sensory experience

It is important for us to make you discover coffees of exceptional origins. This is why, in order to satisfy true coffee enthusiasts like you, we have developed a whole new collection: Select Harvest! What is a Select Harvest?

It is a coffee from a small batch of a unique and sought after origin that comes from direct trade.

Direct trade is a philosophy and an ethical practice that allows us to offer you the best coffees possible, with full traceability. Thanks to this approach, we are able to establish close relationships with our valued agricultural partners and obtain coffee of remarkable quality. Our partners are committed to ecologically and socially sustainable practices, essential qualities for William Coffee. Direct trade also allows us to pay producers fairly, guarantee them a decent income in their community, and thus ensure the sustainability of the coffee industry.Offered in exclusive kraft packaging reminiscent of artisanal expertise, Select Harvests are easy to identify. You will know at a glance that with each sip, you will be transported to the most beautiful corners of the planetOur collection started off with a bang with a dark roast coffee from Papua New Guinea with a punch and reminiscent of tropical fruits.

Nicaraguan medium roast then entered the range, a wonderfully complex and well-balanced coffee.

Finally, our third recruit, the prestigious 100% Blue Mountain from Jamaica has joined the ranks. A total change of scenery, unique and sought after aromas: this is what Select Harvest offers you!

Keep an eye out for our Select Harvests, which will land in rotation in Metro grocery stores. You will also be able to get them through our website. Expect to travel and discover origins and their intricacies from the comfort of your own home, because every cup will take you elsewhere!

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